Airshow 🚁 Helicopter Simulator - Connections Made

Copter Pilot?

So the last video, I showed a fuel truck us walking in and a line of RV airplanes for sale. These are the ones you can see just ahead of the helicopter. They are of Czechoslovakian make and some of them were flown here and others were brought on a boat and reassembled. There was a lady who told us that they cost about $200,000 each and she gave us prices to become a pilot and walked us through the procedure to do so. More on her later...


This was a funny looking bird I thought to myself. It is either carrying one of those things that they use to pick up scrap, a giant magnet, or it is tethered to the ground and the machine picks up the helicopter.


We were standing in the Sun and hearing information about the funky helicopter and pilot a but we are invited in out of the Sun to cool off.

As it turns out, the helicopter simulator won't be up and running until next month sometime. I guess you can get in this one seater flying machine and fly but only a few feet off the ground because the controls are attached to a robot that will simulate flying simulate landing.


It's a shame, because I would have definitely given it a try if it was something that anyone could do today, I mean at the air show. You know what they say, a day late and a dollar short. The company should have had her up and running in order to make more money.


We were talking as men do, while we were going into the show and many other times as we walked around the plains. Garth said he was looking for a young widow was also a pilot.


Meet "Fer' (pronounced 'fair') who sat with us and offered us coffee and chips. We had beer, but my son took her up on the water - he is addicted to the stuff. Fernanda went on to explain all the procedures on how to obtain a license and what the costs would be. Someone, guess who, asked her if she was a pilot and she answered, " yes, I am a commercial pilot. " That means that she has completed her private pilot's license, her IFR (instrument flight rules) meaning she can fly in the clouds and navigate to her destination without using the ground as a reference, and that she is also able to accept payment for flying cargo or people.

Now that the young part, pilot part, and the beautiful part were confirmed - the question of widowhood( was in the lurch. . .

I saw her greet someone when she went for a coffee and she was quite close to him. I swore she had retrieved something from his front pants pocket, something that she would not have done if it were her brother or dad. Garth saw him and lost interest.

I made a connection too but it was for panning next year's trip to this very same show. There is a city called Lujan eighteen kms from the airport and I got the number of a woman who rents fully equipped apartments. Taht way I can get a group together and we can come by train and stay for the whole weekend (with A/C if it is hot out). That is useful!

If I every go to renew my pilot's license, I also have Fer who can write me up for the purcahse of one of those nice, two seater, low wing, airplanes!