Another Short Video 🏍️ Practicing Circuit Riding

The Surron Likes Dirt!


My son, on the other hand, likes pavement. We ride on the roads on sunny days, but I insist he learn several types of footing under his wheels and get used to compensating for different levels of traction.

I learned on dirt when I was a kid and the skills saved my life many times over. He is getting a late start in his mid teens and now acquiring the in his late teens. We live in a country where vehicles are so overly regulated that you cannot think of getting one until you are making good money. Then when you get a car, they tow it when you park it and they stop you at check points and mass tow vehicles to the impound. The government lives on stolen money from vehicle owners.

I am buying vehicles that are not yet regulated. This one is considered to be a bicycle. An electric bicycle. A beefy electric bicycle in some cases.

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Enjoy the video - me on my s22 and my boy on the Surron.