Day Three in Argentina - Ups and Downs

no floor at the bottom of the building.

So at this point...

I had been here for a couple days and I learned a few words. I wanted to go for a walk, so Susan gave me the key and I left. I found the elevator door to be strange. I did not remember it from when I arrived.


I guess that was because she opened and shut it when we came in and I was managing my bags.

The door is a stamped aluminum contraption with slats that turned to stack up when you pulled it open. You cant really call it a sliding door though. and you have to do it twice because when the elevator arrives there is one on the elevator too.

So I push "1" and wait. When it stops I felt G-forces. There is no soft landing at all. I open the doors and exit - shut them and turn. Nothing but apartment doors. We lived there for another year and I did get to know a lot of people on the second floor because their button said "1" all the time.

➖➖ LA ARGENTINA = 💃 OR 🇦🇷 ➖➖ EL @ARGENTINO = 🕺 ➖➖

The other thing is

The damn thing is called an ascensor of all things, as if I was only going to want to ascend all the time. The of all things, you have to subir or bajar the ascensor. Subir means to go up and bajar means to go down. Quite confusing.

I would always punch "1" then be surprized

I kept hearing those same words when we got in or out of the car, train, bus, or elevator, so I question what everyone told me about their meaning being go up or ** go down**. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

As a consolation, when someone rings the bell and you are inviting them to come up (to the 4th floor for example) to visit, You use subir and any of its 73 formations.

➖➖ LA ARGENTINA = 💃 OR 🇦🇷 ➖➖ EL @ARGENTINO = 🕺 ➖➖

I will be continuing to highlight the differences I had noticed and which are good, bad, or indifferent as I blog here on Hive. Thanks for stopping in to hear my thoughts.

I am just a geek who spent half his life in the other land down under.