Dusty Trails and New Camera Angles (Video)

And some of you may know, I have been able to ride four mornings per week plus weekends. Two reasons: I have replaced my @s18, and also I can now ride seated part of the time, which gives my feet a break if I ride for a long time.

I'm still learning how to point the camera correctly without the screen to actually see where it's pointing. I rode the entire nature reserve this morning and decided to play around with some different camera angles as I went. The ones that turned out are here in the video below.


I think you can see how much dust is being raised by the knobby tire. More of that below, click Play

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I opened the video showing the side of the wheel me seated on it going fairly fast. I found out the other day that when I accelerate fast it raises it quite a dust cloud behind me. I did not realize that until I saw part of this video in the cloud that was developing behind me.

Here you're looking at camera about 4 inches off the ground facing forward as I ride at the east end the reserve along the water's edge.


The next angle is doing a trail on powder like dust or dirt. I like riding speedy through the reserve but sometimes I actually do slow down as well I will toward the end of the video.


As a swing to the west side of the reserve, I stand and I start holding the camera with my right arm outstretched and capture the camera going close to items on the side of the road while I myself am not at any kind of risk.



I later found some pretty good size holes on the right side of this very path which I could have fallen into if I weren't paying attention. Now that I'm watching this, I may attempt to redo this camera angle at a higher speed, what do you think?

Here we're coming to the end near the entrance where everything is brick instead of dirt. They haven't have a really nice bridge which is all black and you can see plants in all directions. See what happens when the gyro in the camera rotates the video during a turn. A bit dizzying. This is the same bridge that appears in another video and I made in 4k as a test.


Finally a few stairs and the way out of the park and out of the street where I must mesh with the cars in traffic but at least I can go as fast as I want.

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I leave the video there but I have to say, the miles I have been riding lately leave this new wheel very dusty. I think I will leave it on the terrace for now...

Bringing some nature back with me from the nature preserve!

Let me know if you would like to see more 4K video.