In the Air - Coordination Needed

I am not sure where you left off with this log book. Alpha Tango and Mike were mentioned at least once in the last log. They are out of the picture and half way around the world although still fully able to impact operations, depending on which ones we are talking about. There were a lot of unknowns when they made their move to Charlie vector. Good men, but admittedly not ready to be in command yet, certainly not until they can take orders.

I am not sure if you had heard anything about Romeo Bravo, another of the ranking members of the task force. We have both been working a colleagues for almost two decades now. RB has charge over AT for now. Coordination is being worked out this week. The one we are talking about here likes to go rogue and plays things near the edge. I am glad RB will be taking care of meetings and the direction of AT's ops. I am not looking forward to increased travel if I am ever called in but when needed, I will be on a plane. Much of what we do cannot be conferenced on Zoom, you know.

Another new face, of sorts, is Delta Alpha, a highly trained martial arts commando, who is working with DE this year. Recently bringing him into the field and instructing him on new weapons that he must carry all times. All seems to be going according to plan so far with DA and DE. I am pleased with their progress. Time and necessity will be the test.

I know I am giving you new tags almost every update, but knowing the team will help as things get more intense. This will one day be read and understood perfectly on a need to know basis. I have no new information on operations that I can even hint at as of right now.


I love to take a thirty thousand foot view when I can - it helps to put things into perspective and it is where I am most comfortable. It seems I have been in the air or at the airport almost every day for the last month, with many international operatives arriving and AT and M having left for foreign lands.

Hoping things normalize. More to come.