A curved wall gets the perfect work placed on it.

New art appears in a barrage of ugliness.

I just had to stop and grab a shot of this before it deteriorates, which can happen quite quickly.


Entry for CCC's Street Art Contest #109


The building where this is located is littered with some very interesting art. Swirls and cartoon-type posters and some spray paint writing.

This flower appeared one day, as I said, and I grabbed a shot of it

This bloom was custom built for a curved outcropping of the building. I am not sure why the building has a concave curvature in an otherwise unremarkable corner, but the flower was well placed.


It kind of jumps out at you whether you are walking down the street or driving past it. I happen to like pastel colors and nature as long as the nature is painted on a wall or something.

In my opinion, there are people out there expressing themselves with paint and only passers by will see their work, unless of course, someone gets it into the image-sphere for them. Bytzz, reporting for duty.


Incidentally, this flower is right around the corner from this other really cool piece of art that I got a couple years ago.