Art in the streets 🏐 Soccer fanaticism (Diego)

Hello Steve,

Still keeping an eye out for problems and protests here in South America. None of that was seen today. But I did find paint!

This is near Centenario.


It would appear that the most famous futbol player is able to see all the games it would take to get to some destination - that is what I was thinking when I saw this and moved to the left to see where the film goes.


There it is. That is a lot of frames of great plays flowing out of Diego's mind and leading to the world cup.


Here is the last slide and I am not sure if the celebration is part of the round badge of this "Murga" group or what but I will translate what I can.

The outer ring states that "being unknown (disowned) is a feeling that was born in Almagro (a neighborhood here) and will live on forever"

The next inner circle says, "The always unknown - Almagro"

And the center image that looks like a Jester is there because they dress up and wear those kind of hats when they play and dance the Murga. It is a dance with many leaps and contortions with only drums and cymbals playing. I will post about that if anyone asks me to.

Here is one more close--up of this artwork to finish things off.


I was out today for some time and found zero 'bolonquis' happening. I am not sure if it is because everyone is on vacation or if everyone just became satisfied with their situations. When this happens, I shoot pictures of amazing art all around the city.

So here is the full image. It looks like it is on a house but it is really a building inside a park.
The depiction is Diego Maradona who came from a magic genie's lamp. The he dreams of many matches and it all leads to a world cup and celebrations.


Bolonqui is slang for desorden or lio in Spanish - Big Mess in English.
Even the word is messed up - original is quilombo