Chili Peppers come to Flower 🌶️ Peppers are a few weeks out.

This is my first flower that appeared today on the Red Hot Chili Pepper plant.
I grew this one from a nice batch of Chili Peppers I had bought some time ago. I now see that there are at least 20 new buds that will bloom.
I will need to see how these are pollinated because I am pretty sure that the tomato method will not work. But that is the one I have for now. I do not see a lot of bees out there during the day. I will have to work for each pepper as I do for tomatoes
I was surprised that the leaves were clean when I inspected them. All other pepper plants were instantly filled with aphids and white flies, but now the garden is clean - good going Carnivorous!
Here is what I see when I go out there. This shot is the big picture of my little garden.

Here are a couple more from when the sun came out. . .



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