Concave Shade at the Medical Complex

I had to have some blood drawn today.


I think I posted from this very same place a couple of posts back when I had the kids at the park upstairs. But today I'm alone. I just had some blood drawn at the doctor's office.

It's nothing serious. I was at the dermatologist the other day and they asked me to get blood work done to check my cholesterol, blood sugar and things, so I'm still healthy, that is, until the results come in.


So, I just got out and walked over here because I had to stay without eating for quite some time and now, I'm allowed to have something to eat. I'm trying to choose between hell's Pizza and a Taqueria.


The only thing I am worried about with the taco place is the ceiling - looks like they are trying to glue it so it does not cave in!


no prices - must mean economic crisis


Anyway, I think having your blood drawn is hell enough for one day so I'm going to go with a taco. And I'm the first customer for the day. I'm sure of that because there's nobody here and I have to wait for either of them to open before I eat. There is a McDonald's which is open but I'm not much for McDonald's.

They had American tacos as the special and their idea of American tacos is cheddar cheese on the taco and a side of french fries. I've never had french fries served with burritos or tacos in the United States, so this is very strange.

The thicker fries were cold on the inside and quite hard. I assume the fryer was not up to the proper temperature or something. Yes, I had a little bit of time working in fast food when I was in my teens.

In my mind, I pictured a hard shell taco with meat, sour cream, onion, lettuce and tomato. I knew this one would have sour cream because it was translated badly - Sour Cream - crema acida - but "acida" makes me think of a "sour" flavor like lemons. The real translation, in case you come here, is "queso blanco" - but if you translate that back to English, you get "White Cheese" and what needs to be on a taco near the meat should be sour cream. Then if y ou want, you can put white cheese on it but ... I'll stop now.

The taco didn't taste bad it was just disgusting because of all the grease and I couldn't really finish it.


Well I was waiting, I had some hopes for a good lunch, because the decor and cleanliness of the restaurant was nice. I would go back to try a non-american burrito or a burger...

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