Fire Damage in the Nature Reserve 🌿 Photos and Video

🌿 My last video, the second bridge video, showed smoke above the nature reserve. It has been closed since that date and I was not allowed in until we had had some rain and the fire was out.


It has been closed so long that the burnt area already has new growth around the charred ruins of plants and trees.


If I had to guess, I would say that eight or ten percent of the open lands were burnt. The above looks this way sweeping right and left as seen in the video.


The video also has two different burn sites - none of one portion of the video covers any of the area in the other portion. They were take from one path facing back to back - if that explains it.

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Zooming in on the biggest tree still standing, you get the idea.


I am pretty sure this old palm will come back. I go to the reserve a few times per week and I can check on it. It is sad that it was closed for so long, but new life will spring from the ashes.