Four Hours from Now - HiveMeetup at The Bridge!

Meetup to Plan a Meetup

I read about this a while ago and I agree that it is a good idea to get together and plan something bigger. It would be great if we could get something going that would be deemed HiveFest or HiveStock when all is said and done.

Some of the people who will be in charge of this first meetup are @janettyanez @numa26, @amandaj, @dimascastillo90, and @lauramica

Today is the day that everything will be put into motion! The where,and the when, and the how many. I have put out some feelers to bring in more support for this event from the old timers.

There is also a poster contest going on from 08/23/2022 To: 09/06/2022 so get yours done and get in the running for prizes!


I plan to be at this every famous bridge at 3:00 this afternoon to meet some of these wonderful visionaries who are going to bring the #hivelife to fruition here in the land of inflation. I have already met some who will be there -seen in this video


One of the best parts about the #meetup that we are planning is that people will be able to bring friends and get them involved with Hive - I saw this comment in one of the meetup posts:


I am hoping that @btu would be on board to help promote the #HiveMeetup and all of the related content and contests. We appreciate you!

Join me @sponge-bob and my son @rx7 later today to #meetup and discuss plans for the upcoming huge event coming to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are meeting on the bridge at 3:00 and moving on to a Starbucks for coffee and planning.

the photos in this post were taken by me.

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