Introducing Goldie - Intro Video post.

She's Slitherin' around.


As with all pets, they are accustomed to their owners. Goldie hugs me, she looks to me for help if she is having trouble eating or is not happy with her bath water.


She has two modes: Hunt and play time modes. Nobody can get near her when she smells food. She does not think at all. She strikes at anything that is within reach. She is not dangerous to humans. She is not strong enough to kill someone, she has no venom, and she is quite functionally challenged mentally. But we love her.


It is not her fault that everyone in her family has been inbred in order to get those nice white yellow and orange colors.

Goldie is a Albino Burmese Python - Five years old and Five and a half feet long (1.65 m) and she has never been tested to see if she is a girl snake. She has some scarring on her back from a severe electrical burn she had about a year ago. She is almost fully recovered now.

Her tongue is constantly moving because, like a dog, she smells her surroundings and that is done with her tongue. It is also used to sense heat and to express her mood. I can tell if she feels threatened by fast movement and a coiled posture. She is curious if she is stretching out toward something and moving her tongue quickly and extending it far out of her mouth. Slow movements tells us she is relaxed and happy where she is.

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This is Goldie on the chair after asking to come out and play...

People is some cultures (and 100% of the population in Argentina) think that a snake will line up next to a person while they sleep to see if they would fit inside them (planning to eat them). That is as crazy as thinking that lions will walk around each person wondering if they could eat them. The lions are in a cage. So are the snakes at night time. A snake will try to eat something based on its size not length. They know how far their mouth can stretch. Humans do not get eaten mostly due to our shoulders that do not fold.

She has no fangs or poison but she has about 200 needle sharp teeth that fold up toward the inside of her mouth so that anything caught cannot pull away once bitten.

Her boyfriend is a ten year old Boa constrictor who some of you may have seen on my main blog. He is very strong and a good hunter. Not challenged in any capacity. He may get his own blog or maybe he will share this one with Goldie - Suggestions welcome on that topic.

That is all for this #introduction post. Watch the video to see her speed and demeanor.