Live Fire Drills with Team Dynamics

We won two out of three

DE was with me and we dominated about two weeks ago in an early morning exercise. We were in the woods in and around an active set of tracks outside the metropolitan center. I sustained an leg wound near the ankle and had one round come through a sniper hole to split my thumbnail on my right hand, just inches from my trigger finger. Still, I was able to stay in it. DE was taken out twice but still made his contribution to the two thirds win.

The thumb wound is still bothering me going on three weeks now, but the left calf was healed in a day or so. Simunition should not be toyed with.


I will not be introducing all of our teams but I will say that achieved certain kills of AT and his partner Mike who sustained a head shot and a shoulder wound respectively in the first ten minutes. There is a reason why respect is given to ranking personnel, we will not be talking specific rank and file, and that was learned in a tangible way. leaving it at that.

There will be some trying times ahead as neither side has caved as of yet. Staying sharp is at the core of efficiency.

Social interaction.

I had not thought of writing on training and would certainly not have written the day of even if I had thought of it. Today there will be a meeting with AT and his partner before they return to parts unknown (unspecified). This one is a short one because we will be dining soon. I arrived early and had some time to put this together before they arrive.

While reading, I learned that there are other places where I can post using the same key. I am going to see what that looks like as well. This seems to be a good place to document meetings and mission data for later.

I am hoping for greater cooperation and teamwork as a result of the joint training as well as time spent in the off hours. I just got a heads up of their arrival shortly and will need to close this update.