Meet my Little Surron's Big Brother

This is the same showroom that I visited when I bought the Surron that is featured in this blog. My son now works there and builds these beasts when they reach our shores.
Not street legal, this number plate is mounted where a light would be normally.
The front shocks are monster size. This is no electric bike. It competes against its gas powered rivals without difficulty.
This is the rear of the disk brake systems.
The little brother which I own has a reduction belt drive to chain drive system. This monster has a gear box to drive the chain. There is no shifter or clutch to deal with. You hit the throttle and it delivers torque to the rear wheel solid.
This is the BMS (battery management system) sandwiched between the battery and the gear box.
The rear suspension is a coil-over hydraulic shock system.

The above photos were taken on my trip to visit my twenty-one year old boy who works at the place where electric motorcycles are sold. This post features my first in person view of the Surron Storm, built by my son and standing in the showroom all shiny and new.

See the notes on each photo as I talk about each feature.

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