Mess in the Plaza - Food Prices

Hello Steve,


Here is another of many posts specifically for you because you had asked me to keep an eye out for happenings here in South America.

It's a video! I heard the drums and followed my ears as I got out my phone.

You have to understand that these people are likely to knock me off my electric vehicle and take what they can, but I trust in God that I would be allowed to move through them with one little smart phone and grab some footage for you.

Here's the video for you

(it should play right from this platform.


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I was out and about before anything got really messy. A crowd was gathering at the congreso building as I was wheeling around. A friend asked me to snap some shots or video when things are going nuts here. I guess I am playing the part of a citizen journalist of sorts.

Strange how you can have the horizon level right in front of you, but then the giant building in the distance seems to be build on a slant. This was taken with my phone and I was holding it level.


The video shows what the plaza looks like today as new sod was just put down, sprinklers going. I tried to cut across one corner of grass to get through the crowd and I sunk into the mud about four inches.


I could not find any news on this protest since the place is called 'congreso' and that word also means conference or seminar 🧐

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I am not out every day, but if I were, I could certainly find one or two 'bolonquis' happening if I did a quick circuit around the city, more if I went out to the surrounding areas. I am also working on uploading video to (the Hive video platform).

Bolonqui is slang for desorden or lio in Spanish - Big Mess in English.
Even the word is messed up - original is quilombo