Mess in the streets - Congreso - for Women's Day

Hello Steve,

Still keeping an eye out for problems and protests here in South America. There was a half celebration / half protest today at Plaza Congreso and I ventured through it all for nine blocks to get to the plaza.


It all started at The Pink House and they marched their way west to the Congreso building where they will likely build to a huge crowd and hold their signs up and chant.

The event was not overtly friendly but it was also not violent at all.


I am not out every day, but if I were, I could certainly find one or two 'bolonquis' happening if I did a quick circuit around the city, more if I went out to the surrounding areas.

Bolonqui is slang for desorden or lio in Spanish - Big Mess in English.
Even the word is messed up - original is quilombo