Mess of Color instead of Protests 🎯 Archer

Hello Steve,

Still keeping an eye out for problems and protests here in South America. Today I found paint!

This was in Avellaneda


A slingshot fired at who knows who!


Two hands bound together for a time!


A bit of context for these pieces.


...and a bit more. Let's keep moving down the block.


What an immense piece of work.


The entire building was done as far as I could get around all sides.


Here is the location.

I was out today for some time and found zero 'bolonquis' happening. I am not sure if it is because everyone is on vacation or if everyone just became satisfied by their situation. When this happens, I shoot pictures of amazing art all around the city.

Bolonqui is slang for desorden or lio in Spanish - Big Mess in English.
Even the word is messed up - original is quilombo