Mess of Color instead of Protests 馃殩 Taxi!

Hello Steve,

Still keeping an eye out for problems and protests here in South America. Today I found paint!

This was on Uriburu street on a particular corner near Cordoba.


Winter scene in a country that has no snow.


This was either painted sideways in which case it would be a dancer doing the splits. More likely it is gravity normal and it is a ballet dancer that appears to defy the laws of physics until you see the pole she is using to maintain her ninety degree stance.


Here we have a young woman that sees a taxi coming and she wants a ride. The taxi, however, never shows up where she is waiting.


Taxi cabs would appear larger on the side that is nearest you, but The realism and even the shine of the paint is worth something.

I call this one the Patron Saint of Puppies.

The squares you see are dimondplate mesh to protect the building from breakins. All sides facing the street were done and I was impressed with the realism. I can't tell what the building was used for, but I am glad I got to take some pictures of it.

I was out today for some time and found zero 'bolonquis' happening. I am not sure if it is because everyone is on vacation or if everyone just became satisfied by their situation. When this happens, I shoot pictures of amazing art all around the city.

Bolonqui is slang for desorden or lio in Spanish - Big Mess in English.
Even the word is messed up - original is quilombo