New Babies Everywhere!

Just Look Closer


I was watering my plants and washing out the pan that they sit in. I look and there are little green spots off to the side f many of my plants.

This surprised me at first but then I remember when I had visited the nursery where I buy my plants. Many of the adult plants are close to others and things spread.

The plant next door flowers and then drops its seeds and the rest is history.



As you can see here...

There is a very tiny little spider venus fly trap plant growing at the base of the one that I bought.

It is a fully formed but extra tiny fly trap.

I am going to need some very small bugs to feed this one if it does not catch its own in a week or two. I am trilled to have my collection growing on its own.

But this was the only one that spawned a baby of same type and species.



One of my new pinguiculas is dealing with stress from moving to a new location. It is half the size it was when I got it, but a seed from one of the plants at the nursery has just germinated and is growing a drosera on the same sprouting grounds.

I think it is too soon to tell what kind of drosera this will be but there is a chance that it will be a Burmani or maybe a Dielsiana. Unlike the droseras that I have, these kinds grow short leaves with spoon shaped traps at the ends. It will be fun to see what I get in the end. I will keep you updated as they grow and as I repot them.


Repotting the Spider Venus

I gently slipped a butter knife between the stalks of the adult and those of the baby and work in downward into the soil. These plants were connected at the roots - some have separate roots but they are quite tangled one set with the other.


I have pulled whole plants up to separate them, but it really impacts the health of the plants to have to latch on to new moss. Best if it can be done without disturbing the roots as much as it is avoidable.

When I pulled this baby up, there were quite long roots attached. I made sure they went all the way down into the new pot and now this little one can grab its own share of the sun and it also has room to grow and expand as much as it can.


That's all I have for you today. Some have asked why they see 'S' on some of my pots. Actually, all my plants are marked with compass markings. As I look at them where they are, I am on the south side of the pot. I have found that keeping them in the same position relative to north helps them grow better. These kinds of plants are sensitive to everything.

Thanks for stopping in.