Scream and Shout - An introduction of sorts...

Hello fellow Hive users. I have always wanted to share more than just instruction with commentary on the Holy Language but I never wanted to interrupt the flow of my @hebrew blog which has been running for over four years.

The Hive that I keep staked here now allows me to make a new account, this one is called "The Plan" and it will be less structured I think.

God's noisy people.

We are in the fall feast, specifically Yom Teruah (the day of shouting) which comes around once per year. There is a festival of shofar blasts happening in Israel right now and the people there are blowing the ram's horn over the course of two days, starting when the new moon is sighted. Many call this Rosh haShana (the head of the year), or New Years day.

You can watch live what's happening in Jerusalem here

This is part of @theplan, God's plan, because it is foreshadowed in all the ancient writings for thousands of years. It symbolizes new beginnings and God's willingness to cast away our bad deeds (sins) and come back to him in fellowship.

When Abraham was told to kill his son as a sacrifice to God, he never really wanted human blood to be shed as many think. He wanted a man to show that he is willing to do what God was planning to do with his only son. Because Abraham did as God had commanded, he proved his worth to the Creator. The Creator, then let that story be a lesson to us.

Adam believed the lies of the adversary and sinned. That action essentially gave away the entire earth to the adversary. All that God made for man to rule over was handed to an immortal being whose works have now plagued the world for thousands of years. He owns it and gives riches and success to people who serve him and in return, we suffer under their rule. It all started with that first sinful act of disobedience.

Jesus (Yeshua, which means salvation) was tempted by this same adversary when he was at his weakest, having fasted for 40 days. HaSatan (the adversary) offered God's son ownership of the world if he would just bow down and worship him. Jesus refused that offer because he knew @theplan from the beginning of time. He would seemingly be killed and defeated by the enemy of God.

The good news is that through that human sacrifice, Yeshua's death on the cross, the title deed to earth and all the trees and animals was won back from the evil one! That same title deed is spoken of in The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Hazon in Hebrew: meaning The Vision). That books speaks of Yeshua standing there with a scroll in his hand, one with seven seals on it. That scroll is a deed to the earth!

Deeds back in those days were sealed as a way of proving who owned something. If a property was to be sold, the owner would produce the the deed, a document which is rolled up and sealed by the witnesses to the original transaction. Those seals would be broken at the time of the sale authenticating ownership. The signet rings of the witnesses were used to seal it and those witnesses would be present at such sales. When the money was paid, two new scrolls would be written defining the property, price and new owner's name. One of those scrolls would be sealed by new trusted witnesses to that transaction. That is the way things worked.

Today the world at stake. The King has purchased the earth from the adversary. He has the scroll. We are waiting for the day that he opens it and takes possession of the property. In the mean time, the old owner (HaSatan) is tearing up the house and trying to destroy the property, essentially ruining it, even though the price has been paid, that being God's own son's blood.

Not to trivialize the gravity of it all, but think of a drag race. One that is being run for pinks as they say. The loser must give his prize race car to the winner but he hates the thought of losing it, someone else taking his baby, so he crashes at the finish line to destroy the car before he hands over the keys. We are at the finish line in this world, by the way, and satan is crashing that car while claiming to take care of it!

Things to think about.

Isaac carried the wood that would end his life as Yeshua did.

God asked, using actions, "Are you willing to give your only son for me?" because God was willing to do the same for mankind. Abraham was willing and God actually did what Abraham was saved from doing.

That is the message for today.

The Link.

We blow the rams horn because of that sacrifice that was stopped. A ram had its horn stuck in a thicket. That ram's horn is a reminder of the day when God confirmed his plan, @theplan to get back what the adversary had tricked Adam into giving.

Complicated, yet simple

We live in an amazing world. Wherever water falls, things grow. Abundance is everywhere. Look at the Savanna - it is dead and lifeless until the rain falls - it then becomes lush again.