Something is Overheating

Mission Fatigue

We finished up a job last week and DE had been in combat toward the end of it all. Reading the reports, I am seeing further signs of some sort of bio-weapon possibly impacting DE's performance and health. I have some unspoken insight that I am still keeping to myself which I will expound on here.

Let me start with an example and then we will get back to what is happening to DE, with whom I work very closely for years. I had worked in the motor pool many years ago and was asked how we could covertly disable vehicles in order to ensure they would not be able to give chase after the operation. It was winter at the time with temperatures in the thirties and forties, so the circumstances were right for a prank-like solution.

The Prank

I had seen everything working under the hoods of vehicles for so many years. Quite a few times, I saw vehicles come in that were overheating. The first thing anyone would check is the fan belt which also drives the water pump. Next I would check the coolant level. The first time I had seen the prank, the radiator was full and that green liquid in there was even cold. It was not until I drained the system that I found that some of the green stuff inside the cooling tubes was almost solid.


It turns out that someone had drained much of the coolant and refilled the radiator with green gelatin. When the owner of the vehicle came out, they could drive the car for an entire day with no difficulties. Nothing bad would happen until they shut it off for more than five or six hours.

You could just pour plaster or cement in there just the same, but then the person you are pranking would know when the sabotage happened and where it was parked when you 'pranked' them. With gelatin, the prank could have been executed at any time during the day at any one of the stops the person made while driving.

For the stated op, I wanted the vehicles to run for a day, after which our team would come in. We used powdered enough powdered gelatin to semi-solidify two gallons.

How it works.

The liquid would start to mix with the powder as it circulates through the engine. The gelatin is boiled in the engine and stirred by the water pump, until the engine is shut off. Then when the engine cools to just above freezing while the vehicle is parked, all of the liquid solidifies. Well, it turns to Jello.

Then when the vehicle is started the next morning, the substance in the engine block becomes liquid again but cannot be pumped through the hoses or the core of the radiator. The fan is pulling really cold air through the radiator core which keeps the hot water from flowing. The result is the same as if the vehicle had no radiator at all. No flow.

The repair is either a complete disassembly of the cooling system and flushing it with hot water. If there is a well heated garage, they could let each vehicle sit inside for twenty four hours then start the vehicle and flush with hot water. The gelatin must be flushed out or problem would occur again.

As a prank, this is not risk free. If someone drives the car and ignores the temp gauge, the engine could be ruined and need to be replaced. For the purpose of the operation, that result is desired.

The Operation

It went well. We were in and out the day before. We used powdered gelatin. All vehicles would be disabled except those that were not regularly driven. Those would be disabled too, but not at the time of the op. The following day, the team went into the base and (classified). Some were seen leaving, shots fired and the chase ensued. Less than a mile away, the some enemy vehicles stopped. Others pushed their vehicles a bit harder and cooked their engines.

None of the chase vehicles made the two mile mark. We were scot-free with no need for an ambush team or explosives.

Back to our update

I work closely with Delta Echo and I did not like what I heard upon return from (classified). What I can relay is that something was off after each skirmish (hand to hand - no firearms). DE claimed a severe headache and some disorientation upon winning or escaping each clash. There were no injuries to the head yet the same thing occurred every time.

I also heard disbelief while DE described each skirmish. Tearing sensations in thigh muscles as well as back muscles. This person is very strong and only slightly past twenty. All of this is not normal. Another piece of the puzzle is low blood pressure. Not symptomatic low blood pressure, just lower than expected even when stressed.

I am not a doctor, but I do know physics. It is no secret that there have been heart attacks and blood clots as a result of whatever they put in the vaccine. I did not partake in that ritual and I shared my concerns with everyone under my direction, DE included. To me, there is something wrong when a doctor does not ask what other medications you are taking, then introduces another via injection, but I cannot force anyone to heed my warnings. "Google says it is fine! Safe and effective even." is what I heard after the fact.

It would be very sad if my suspicion turns out to be correct. I hope it is not! I do know however that the circulatory system stops working when foreign substances cause solidification in the tubing within. That is true under the hood and also under the skin.

DE thinks it might be a blood disease in the family. I would take another look at that word.

Blood Dis-ease. Something that negatively impacts the ease with which the blood moves through the body. I have noticed a difference in how fast some people bleed out. It could be a good thing for some of those. Five more minutes?

From what I have read, all is going as planned, which is not a good thing. The plan I speak of is not of this organization, but everything is going as planned on the world stage. We were made aware of this well over two years ago if you know where to look. I took heat for bringing the risks up with my team and for that reason, I have kept quiet since then.

Much of this damage could be avoided if more junior people would heed warnings of those who have seen things. We have seen more than we would have liked and are better at predicting outcomes and logical probabilities. In this case, trusting google over ones own cognitive abilities and experience can be deadly. I hope and pray that it is not!