Spider Venus Fly Trap Update

Hey! Thanks for stopping in and checking on my Spider Venus Fly Trap today. Here's a picture of the plant as it stands today with a few new traps some of the old ones getting black.
And here's the plant how it stood the day I got it. pardon the quality but this was taken from the video that I had posted on the unboxing.
Here's another shot from the side - you can see six good looking traps and a couple, three or so, that are past their days.
This is a shot primarily of a brand new trap that's sprouting up then it will unfold it will develop its eyelashes, I guess you would call them, and start catching flies.
And here's the biggest trap as of yet. I have a lot of difficulty focusing on the traps because the camera wants to focus on what's behind them but this one actually focused well enough to see the sensors or triggers on the inside that the bug would have to trip.
I just went to water all the plants and I found that almost all the traps had caught some sort of bug overnight. Mind you, none of them have caught anything in the past few weeks and in one night they all got something. Strange!
So these last two are of the spider with his first meal at its new home

All of the above photos were taken by me with my cell phone. None of them have any filters applied because I thought they were pretty good as they are. I will be making denying rewards on Liketu and accepting them as I repost using Engrave.

I appreciate this platform and all who stop by because of their 💚 for God's creations!

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