The Docks, The Art District, and The Casino (Video)

Glorious Paintwork on a Loading Dock

More in the Video

Here is a tour of the docks just south of the Puerto Madero neighborhood.

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The last time that I posted something on this zone, I had buzzed through it quickly on my wheel. This is the waterfront side of "the mouth" which is locally referred to as La Boca.

The video takes place at 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday, which is the safest time to go there. Any earlier and the drunks are still out and getting into trouble. Much later, and all of La Boca are up and about. As for me, I do not fit in and could never pass for "just another inhabitant of the "barrio" (neighborhood). Still I like the character that has been sewn into this little dock side area.

I often come here early in the day on weekends to race up and down the streets that are mostly empty. Weekdays, it is impossible. The trucks alone would be enough to kill someone on a little one wheel device like mine.

I talked through the entire video touching on art, danger, how they steal the metal covers from the sidewalks and of course, the painted loading docks and ships that are all about.

I sped it up where there was not much to see. I am tired of videos being rejected for being to big (in gigabytes), so I just kept the most breathtaking of the sites.

Enjoy and comment on what you would like to see. Next up should be the buildings of Puerto Madero which was shot the same day. This past Sunday morning.