This Morning's Nature Ride - compilation video

The hawks and eagles present at the reserve are very people shy.


As I said in the video, you need to be the first one in the gate and you have to reach the back stretch of paths to be on the scene first. This picture was taken after the other nine friends of his left. When they hear people coming, the hunter class birds leave for quieter hunting grounds.

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I took these photos this morning while on my ride. I am leaving the camera running and then sifting through the footage when I sit down in front of the computer. Seems to work the best for me.

Here is a little guy I saw on the wall - if it is a Cardinal, then it is the state bird from Illinois, which is where I am from. You're a long way from home my friend!


These birds are very people-shy too! See if you can find him in the video.

Pigeons got a surprise when something (me) approached them without making a sound.


There is a dove in the mix today. The pigeons scatter when they see my wheel coming. They cannot hear it since it makes no noise, so they scatter when they see it. I have had many times where they fail to move and I have to brake or steer to miss them.


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Birds are not the only thing that I look for. It is rare to have any sizable ship close enough to get a clear picture. This one was reasonably close to shore this morning and I grabbed a shot of it. It has some sort of crane on stern.

I was riding for over two hours today and all the coolest parts of the ride condense nicely into a four minute summary. Let me know what you think.