Yom Teruah Comes Early?

News in Israel

I do not usually do a news report. Actually, I have never done a news report here on Hive.

I was preparing something for the weekend as Yom Teruah (Rosh HaShanah) is coming, and I looked at the live footage on YouTube in Israel. I saw and heard the blowing of horns on the live feed. I know the moon is not new this weekend, so there is a problem for sure.

So I did a search and found this article from today.

Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 15-59-04 Jews Arrested for Blowing Shofar Outside Temple Mount.png

The article to which I refer.

Three of the people who are active in the movement at the Temple Institute are Yehudah Glick, Tom Nisani, and Emanuel Brosh. These were the same men who were arrested for "Disurbing the Peace." If it is truly illegal to blow the Shofar in Jerusalem, there will be many, many arrests when the new moon is seen next week. It is expected to be sighted at dusk on September 25th or 26th. There will be 100 trumpet blasts over a two day period when that occurs.

Last I heard, there is no law against blowing trumpets in Israel. The Muslim population that lives there uses Megaphones atop of high poles that blare out a call for prayer time many times per day, every day. That is essentially an electronic trumpet. It is also much, much louder than rams horns.

Click the video live stream above to see the Western Wall. If you listen for a bit, you will hear other law breakers. This is a good warm up for next weekend.

We have the stones and implements all set to go as soon as the Temple Mount is clear. Nobody is planning on destroying the Mosque that is there, but if it is destroyed, everything is ready to build the Temple of YHVH.

Does this German politician have some foreknowledge about an event coming? Could it be something to do with the temple? Why would he say this?

the subtitle for what this man said - the twitter video would not come up for me.

He is talking about a couple days before the normally turbulent end of the year.

Either way, this is the very end of a cycle that ends every seven years. I will not get into all the details but every seven years at this very time of year, there are catastrophes that occur due to the breaking of the commands of God. If you remember 9/11, Lehmann, and market crashes in 2015 then you are remembering the last day of this seven year cycle (the last three cases). Monday the 26th (depending on the sighting of the moon) will mark the end of this seven year cycle.

I believe there are three shabbat days starting Friday night so I am not sure if I will be able to post anything over the weekend. I hope and pray nothing goes wrong, but I wanted to let you know that there are tensions in the Middle East.

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