Other ways to use an EUC

This is not my S18

The kids learned how to ride eight years ago back in 2014. Here is a picture of my youngest learning by holding on to a wall so as not to fall


The kids have been able to think up so many things they want to power with the electric unicycle over the years. One of the ideas worked pretty well. Thinking of making a video from back then.


Here is a wooden go-kart we made and used to coast down hills, that is, until they thought of using a compact powerful motor and wheel assembly to push them around town.

The EUC has been the go-to way to move things around the city in a fun and fast way. This kind of thing still happens today.

The kid has grown up but the utility of electric wheels has remained.

Here is a video of such things

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Let me know if you would like to see more photos or videos of the learning process.